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A Cup of Salt Tears

Victo Ngai

Besides the fact that Irene Gallo being one of the best ADs, I am always excited to work short story art there’s no way to tell what kind of subject matter will come along. 

This piece accompanies Isabel Yep’s novelette A cup of Salt Tears - an eerie yet beautiful story. You can read it here. The audiobook of IQ84 by Murakami Haruki accompanied the working of this piece, it was quite the perfect track. 

Makino’s mother taught her caution, showed her how to carve her name into cucumbers, and insisted that she never let a kappa touch her. But when she grows up and her husband Tetsuya falls deathly ill, a kappa that claims to know her comes calling with a barbed promise. “A Cup of Salt Tears” is a dark fantasy leaning towards horror that asks how much someone should sacrifice for the one she loves.” 

While I was doing research for this project, I learnt a lot of interesting facts about Kappa (河童 ”river-child”), including their obsession with shirikodama (尻子玉 "Small Anal Ball"). It’s believed that kappa lure their victims into the water and gain power by taking their shirikodama, a mythical ball said to contain their soul which is located inside the anus. Check out the amazing manga by Hokusai titled 同河童を釣るの法 (“How to fish for Kappa”).


Crown Me With The Myrtles In A Pretty String

A/N: The title, oh the title. It was something I hit on the other day when I was walking on my way home alongside a beautiful river. Then one thing led to another. So…here is it. Another druid!Merlin fanart I guess, where Merlin ‘crowns’ Arthur with his myrtle garland. I hope it fits the title and hope you enjoy it XD

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Hail Hydra

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Happy birthday to Bilbo !

I drew this a month ago but felt like it wasn’t good enough to bother posting it but now I like it so idc, here is some smaugbo with a lil frodo spying them.

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18 Things You Absolutely Have To Do This Fall To Have The Best Autumn Ever

Fall is tied with summer as my favorite season ever. I love everything about the fall: the clothing, the pumpkins, Halloween, cooler nights, apple picking, watching scary movies, crunching on colorful leaves… I could go on and on. The weather is perfect (just cold enough for a cuter, layered wardrobe, but not so cold that you’re frozen all the time), the food is more delicious (hay pumpkin spice!), and even the air smells and feels better. Plus, October is my birthday month. Fall is just the best!

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Kanbinaru zetsubou by Ono Daisuke

Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Bluray Vol.2 Tokuten CD Character song 

OMG finally!!!!!!! I still prefer Tsuki no Ame, but this song is so ~book of circus~!