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when you got your ass beat in smash brothers


when you got your ass beat in smash brothers

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things that do not make you a man:

  • genital configuration

things that do make you a man:

  • inability to slay the witch-king of angmar

Almost snorted milk out of my nose.

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Preview of the re-shooting of my steampunk outfit.
Photo credits go to Azur


on the 7th of  February 1873  the popular Irish gothic novelist Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu died. Le Fanu was a leading writer of ghost and mystery stories. His vampire novel Carmilla was written a quarter century before Dracula. The image is an illustration from the original 1872 publication of Carmilla.

Wig arrived. It’s my first time with a lace front. I like it but I have to practice a little how to fasten it best first…


As Quickreaver said there was a lack of Sam on her dash…♥

Drawn on white paper then inverted in Photoshop (pencil an charcoal) + PS enhancements (shadows, highlights and manuscript texture). Basically, it’s this technique. I’m experimenting. ^^;;

should I read this 70k fanfiction or do something for uni?

actually this is a rhetoric question, I’m not going to do anything for uni. the only real other option would be to continue  my own fanfiction instead of procrastinating…. but I’m in a slump there